Daily Routine for under 2s

07:00-08:00Arrival, self registration making choices, social interaction, developing self-confidence, 'school readiness' skills
08:00-9:00Breakfast time-children provided with breakfast and sit down together to eat
09:00-09:30Circle time- welcome song, number songs, thumbs up feedback, action songs, sharing news, letter and sounds listening activities.
09:30-10:00Planned activities and messy play- developing skills in a range of activities such as; hand eye coordination when building block, mark making when finger painting
10:00-10:15Snack time-Hand washing followed by, having fruits, exploring textures and developing social skills.
10:15-11.00Outdoor play including Nappy change
11:00-11:45 Indoor free play (Home time for funding children at 11:30)
11.45-12:00Story, song/nursery rhyme time- developing early communication, Literacy skills followed by hand washing- Learning good hygiene
12.00-12.45Lunch time-sit together and eat to developing social skills followed by hand washing
12.45-14.45Rest/Quiet time

14:45-15:00Nappy changing time
15:00-15.15Structured free play- toys are set out for the children to play with, still develop their skills i.e. the pop up toys and develop early ICT skills (pressing buttons and lifting flaps) ETC…
15.15-15.45Tea time- sit together and eat to develop social skills followed by hand wash.
15.45-16.30 Outdoor play
16.30-17.30Structured free play
17.30-18.00Home time- tiding up and saying bye to their friends

All nappies are checked routinely at 10:40am, 12:30pm and 14:30pm, and 16:30pm and actions taken to ensure children remain comfortable.